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We Work And Invest With Private Mortgage Lenders

Private mortgage investments have proved to be one the most rewarding forms of money allocation in Canada. For almost a decade the world was losing billions of dollars on the stock market transactions, while Canadian private mortgage investors where generating the great rates of return. Today the  global financial markets are trying to recover but are facing major economic  uncertainty and slow growth. The economic conditions today guarantee a low rate  return for investors, the estimated average mutual funds return is expected to be around 3%, while most saving accounts offer 2% at its best.  On top of the estimated rate an additional tax is calculated as well, at this rate, you can barely beat the inflation

The Home&Mortgage Advice team allows investors to enter the mortgage investment market expanding your mortgage investment portfolio as a private lender. We offer our investors full disclosure of property condition and borrowers situation. Our approach is based on a balanced lending that will be fair to both parties guaranteeing a smooth transaction.

We offer our clients opportunity to invest in first and second private mortgages, private construction loans, private commercial loans and more. Pricing is based on risk factors as well as property location.

Rates of return may vary from 6.5 percent to 15 percent, depending on the investor’s suitability, mortgage type and risk tolerance. The Home&Mortgage Advice team suggests a suitable mortgage investment that will match the investor’s guidelines and insure the best mortgage investment for your needs.

Mortgage Investors can also use money in their RRSPs to fund private mortgages by utilizing a self-directed RRSP option available through the bank.

For investors that are looking for a steady income and fixed rate of return we offer to participate in our high yield fund, please contact us directly for more information and requirements: or 905 691 6706.

Private mortgages Toronto, Oakville, Milton and surrounding areas.