Important Mortgage Advice

Here is the important mortgage tips. Consider them when choosing your mortgage

1. Consider an assumable mortgage
A few years from now when you decide to sell your home, your low-rate mortgage could provide an extra selling point. If your mortgage is assumable, meaning it can be transferred to another borrower, it allows the purchaser to take on your mortgage’s terms and payments as part of the sale. This can be an attractive incentive, particularly in a higher rate environment.

2. Review refinancing penalties
Given the low rates available today, many homeowners are weighing the benefits of refinancing. When choosing a mortgage, keep in mind that penalties are often the equivalent of three months’ mortgage payments, or based on an interest rate differential, which is the difference between your current rate and the new rate. If you consider refinancing, a mortgage broker can help you decide whether the long-term savings outweigh the up-front penalties.

3. Evaluate pre-payment options
Many borrowers are taking advantage of low interest rates by accelerating payments on their mortgages. For example, many lenders allow you to double up payments periodically, or make lump-sum payments of up to 20 per cent of the principal once a year. When negotiating your mortgage, make sure you understand the size and frequency of payments your lender allows.

4. Review skip-a-payment options
Some lenders offer an option to skip a payment without penalty, which may come in handy in today’s economy.

5. Consider portability
Many mortgages have a portability feature that allows you to transfer your existing mortgage over to a new property, but not all portability terms are the same. Some lenders allow as long as 120 days to transfer the mortgage, but others only allow for a few days or a week.

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