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what is mortgage

A mortgage is an agreement. That is held by a bank or any society when lending money to people. This agreement is held so the bank or community can have or take control of the person’s property or any other belonging. To whom it is lending the money. When the money is returned to the bank or community, the person’s belonging/property is returned to them.

Types of Mortgage

There are seven main types of mortgages. Conventional Mortgages. Fixed Rate Mortgages. Adjustable Rate Mortgages. FHA Loans. USDA Loans. Va Loans. Jumbo Loans.


1.    Conventional Mortgages:

A conventional Mortgage is when a government does not offer or secure a person’s home-buying loan. However, security is guaranteed by a private lender, more often by a person from which you have lent money. In conventional lending, you lend money and pay it back over the period being decided in the mortgage/agreement.


2.    Fixed Rate Mortgages:

Fixed Rate Mortgage is when interest is set on lent money. Mostly, loans for building homes are where interest is being set. Also, the amount set for interest would remain the same over time unless the loan is being paid. A 2-3 year fixed-rate mortgage is often recommended because these mortgages have lower interest rates.

3.    Adjustable Rate Mortgages:

An adjustable-rate mortgage is when interest on the loan increases as time passes.

However, these mortgages start with lower interest rates, but when money is being given back, the interest rate is much more than at the start. This is a big problem when deciding to take adjustable rate mortgages.

4.    FHA Loans:

Federal Housing Administration loans (FHA) is an agency that provides loans to people.

But the main problem is you would have to meet all the requirements to take a loan from FHA. You also have to apply first to take a loan from FHA. However, the good thing is that FHA approves most banks and communities to lend money to people.

5.    USDA Loans:

The United States Department of Agriculture is a mortgage. Where low-income, poor people and unemployed people are given the guarantee and help to purchase homes at lower prices in rural areas. USDA is an agency that has almost control of 91% of the land in the United States.

6.    VA loans:

Veteran affairs loans are in which there are low amount of interest rates. People who want to buy a new home can take a Va loan. There is a $0 down mortgage, so they require no down payments. Moreover, there is no need for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). People sometimes also use the guarantee of VA loans for a lifetime.

7.    Jumbo Loans:

In Jumbo loans, the money for home-buying loans exceeds the money set in the mortgage/agreement. Mostly, these loans are given to only a few people because they are way too difficult to qualify for. That’s why these are not recommended.



For most people and first-timers, an (FHA) loan is best to take as it lowers upfront loan costs. Also, you can make a down payment as low as 3.5% for an FHA loan with less stringent credit requirements. FHA loans are easy to qualify for than other loans too.